An Azlan Group Venture 

  • Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection products include: Air Terminals, Conductors, Puddle Flanges, Test Clamps, Square Clamps, Fixing Clips and Early Streamer Emission devices.[Kingsmill multi-points]

  • Earthing

Earthing products include: Conductors, Earth Bars, Earth Bonds and Clamps, Earth Rods Seals, Earthing Plates and Mats and Inspection Pits.[Kingsmill standard earth bar]

  • Surge Protection

For information on our current range of Surge Protection products, download ourProduct Catalogue.

  • Concrete Products

Omega Concrete Products Ltd manufacture standard and bespoke wet concrete products. 

  • Exothermic Welding

Exothermic Welding is a welding process for permanently joining materials (usually copper conductors) using the exothermic reaction between copper oxide and aluminium powder.

  • Earth Bars

Kingsmill Earth Barsare manufactured in our dedicated UK factory from raw stock by our skilled staff. This enables us to manufacture and assemble any Earth Bar with consistently high quality control.CLICK HERE for Earth Bar details


Download Omega Earthing  Catalogue

High performance and reliable Earthing Materials, Stay Wires, Copper Earth Strips, Earth Plates, Earth Wires, G.I Flats, GI Earth Strips, Aluminum Earth Strips, copper clad conductor   and more....